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Super Mario World (Snes)

Free the dinosaurs and the princess in Super Mario World

Super Mario World is the fifth title in the main Mario series. It is the first video game in which the Yoshi dinosaur appears. With his help, Mario and Luigi must free the Land of the Dinosaurs and Princess Toadstool from the clutches of Bowser and the Koopalings. The gameplay is the same adopted in previous Mario titles, with the addition of elements and features that will also be present in most of the subsequent video games in the series.

A dinosaur egg hatches on the beach, and Yoshi emerges.

After saving the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Bros 3, Mario and Luigi travel to Dinosaur Land to take a vacation. While on the beach, however, they discover that Princess Toadstool has disappeared. Therefore, the two brothers search for her to find out who has kidnapped her. Inside a forest, they come across a giant egg that hatches and from which a young dinosaur called Yoshi emerges. The latter informs the duo that other friends of his species have been captured and imprisoned by the Koopa Troopas. Mario and Luigi conclude that those responsible are Bowser and his seven generals. The three protagonists set out searching for Yoshi’s friends, scattered in Bowser’s generals’ seven castles until they reach Bowser’s castle located in the valley that bears his name. Once defeated, the latter flies away with his car. Clown Koopa and Princess Toadstool are saved.

In Super Mario World, the map is a single territory

Super Mario World is a two-dimensional platform where the player controls the main character, Mario and Luigi. The game takes gameplay features from previous titles. In addition, it introduces new elements, such as the ability to spin while jumping and running on walls. The game has seven worlds that contain different levels, including specials, haunted houses, and fortresses. The journey of each world ends with a castle inside which there is a Koopaling. Unlike in Super Mario Bros. 3, the map is a single territory while presenting different types of landscapes. It offers a vast network of streets and alleys, which are accessible only by finding all the secret exits: in fact, for the first time in the series, Mario can repeat the same level several times, either to find the secret exits, to collect the five Dragon Coins present in each of them. Mario can jump, run, destroy, and ends up with a pole, except for particular levels, castles, fortresses. There are secret exits based on a lock, accessible using a key that is usually well hidden. There are ninety-six standard and secret releases, so the game cannot be considered 100% completed until this figure appears next to a star in the save selection screen. The number in question does not indicate the percentage of completion of the game but the total number of exits that have been able to find.
However, it is not necessary to see them all conclude the story. In fact, you can take advantage of several shortcuts, particularly the Star Road. It’s the evolution of the Warp Zones of the previous titles to reach the last level, Bowser’s castle, without crossing all worlds. Furthermore, once all its paths have been unlocked, it is possible to access the Special World, a world where the eight levels that compose it are among the most complex. Once completed and used, the Super Star teleporter located at its end edits the sprites of some enemies and the map graphics that take autumn colors.

What innovations have been included

One of the novelties introduced in this title is the Feather, which transforms Mario into Cape Mario, giving him a cape with which he can fly for a few seconds. He also offers a type of flight that guarantees infinite altitude but is challenging to control. This tool is the evolution of the raccoon costume called Mario Tanuki from Super Mario Bros. 3. In addition to the classic Super Mushroom, Fire Flower, and Super Star, the P balloon has been inserted, inflating Mario to allow him to float for a time limit. The player can also use the turtle shells by throwing them at rivals as a weapon. Dinosaur Yoshi emerges from the egg when it comes out of the question mark block. He acts as Mario’s mount and an upgrade: Yoshi can walk on sharp traps, swallow fruit, and many opponents. Dinosaur converts them into simple coins; if Yoshi eats Koopa shells, fly, breathe fire, and cause earthquakes depending on the color. However, he can run away if he is hit by an enemy attack, and then the player must hurry to get him back before he falls into a pit. Finally, if you start each level on the back of the same Yoshi, the egg you find in a block hatch in its place, you get a mushroom that gives life. This does not happen in haunted houses, fortresses, and castles.

What thrilled me in Super Mario World

  • The dinosaur eats everything.
  • Mario is immortal when on Yoshi’s back.
  • The player can repeat the level several times.

What didn’t thrill me in Super Mario World

  • There are levels that we cannot do twice.
  • If hit, Yoshi quickly runs away.
  • Learning the new way to fly is complex.

The game is in language


Number of players

One to two players, but you two play one at a time.

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