Super Mario Bros (NES)

A king occupies a peaceful land in Super Mario Bros

There is a peaceful kingdom in Super Mario Bros, where mushroom-headed creatures live in harmony. However, an invading king and his army threaten peace. They have turned the inhabitants into blocks of bricks and evil mushrooms. Later, the king, who has come from afar, kidnaps the kingdom’s princess. She is the only one who can make the spell vanish. His desire to take over the princess’s kingdom stems from his love for her.

Rescue the princess from inside the castle

Darkness has covered the realm for a long time. The Italian brothers Luigi and Mario have also heard about it, and their mission is to save the princess. Despite traveling through eight worlds, they conquer the castle. They protect the princess and restore the kingdom to the way it was before. After completing their mission, Mario and Luigi remain to defend the kingdom. Over time Mario will fall in love with the princess.

The protagonist of Super Mario Bros uses power-ups to beat enemies

Mario has power-ups like becoming a giant, throwing fireballs, becoming immortal, and gaining life. But if an enemy touches Mario when he’s big, he gets smaller. It will cost him his precious life if they hit him when he is small, time runs out, he falls into a ravine. There are eight worlds and 32 levels. While the third and sixth worlds are night, the others are daytime. By beating the enemy boss with fire in the first seven worlds, it turns out that it is not the real one. Towards the end, you find the boss.

In complex mode, the turtles become immune to fire

Players can enjoy the difficult mode after finishing the game. The turtle is immune to fireballs, and flying surfaces are smaller. Mushroom monsters, in the updated version, become monsters with blue armor.

What’s interesting in Super Mario Bros

  • When you eat a magic mushroom and grow, your head is tougher than bricks.
  • One hundred coins give one life.
  • Fabulous castles surrounded by lava.

What is not engaging in Super Mario Bros

  • You can only go to the right.
  • Points do not give advantages.
  • We can’t get into many tubes.

The game is in language


Number of players

One to two players, but you two play one at a time.

Game images

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