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Pokémon Blue (Gameboy)

On Pokémon Blue, you hear a voice when you go into the tall grass

Pokémon Blue takes place in the fictional region of Kanto, where there are ten cities and a series of land and sea routes that connect them. The protagonist is a young ten-year-old boy named Blue who lives in Pallet Town. In the tall grass, venturing out of the village searching for adventure, a voice tells him to stop. Professor Oak, a famous Pokémon researcher, explains that wild Pokémon live in tall grass and that dealing with them alone can be dangerous. He then leads the player to his laboratory, where Oak’s grandson, Blue’s eternal rival, is waiting for you. Both the player and the enemy are then required to choose a starter Pokémon from Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander for their journey to become Pokémon Trainers. After your choice, Oak’s grandson will select the strongest Pokémon to challenge you to battle with his new Pokémon.

Catch wild Pokémon and become the best trainer in Kanto

Upon receiving the Pokédex, the player embarks on a journey through Kanto, capturing wild Pokémon, training them, and battling other trainers to become the most skilled Pokémon trainer ever. He will have to visit the eight Pokémon gyms scattered around Kanto and challenge the eight gym leaders to obtain the necessary medals to continue. After collecting all eight awards, the player can enter the Pokémon League, home to the region’s most talented trainers. His challenge is to defeat the Elite Four and new League Champion, Red. During the game, the player will also have to face the members of Team Rocket, an evil criminal organization dedicated to the trafficking and exploitation of Pokémon.

There are 150 Pokémon to catch

In video games, the player controls the main character’s movements through the fictional region of Kanto, capturing creatures called Pokémon to train and use in battles against other trainers. The protagonist aims to become the champion of the Pokémon League by defeating the eight gym leaders and the four strongest trainers in the region: the Elite Four. Completing the Pokédex is another goal, the fictional encyclopedia present within the games, by capturing 150 species of Pokémon available. Unfortunately, the 151st Pokémon, Mew, is only available through a glitch in the game and an official Nintendo distribution.

Pokémon Blue has enjoyed high popularity in Japan and Western countries. Only Mario games are more popular than Pokémon. As IGN noted, these were the best-selling Game Boy RPGs and best-selling RPGs. 1998 saw a reissue of the game as Pokémon Yellow. The special edition incorporates elements of the television series. In 2004, Pokémon released Leaf Green, a color remake of the two Game Boy Advance titles with numerous updates.

What’s Interesting in Pokémon Blue

  • There are many types of animals, each with its strengths.
  • You challenge the grandson of the professor.
  • Stop the gang of criminals.

What is not engaging in Pokémon Blue

  • There are animals that you cannot catch.
  • The first battle is more demanding than it should be.
  • Follow the missions to continue.

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