Huge choice of skills in role-playing games.
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In role-playing games, you choose which equipment to wear.

Role-playing games are inspired by role-playing games with pen and paper

A role video game, often abbreviated as RPG, is a game that uses game elements taken from role-playing cards and pens. Modern role video games enclose various gaming styles and management engines. Elements can also be found in real-time strategy video games, first-person shooters, and other video games like MMORPGs.

Choose how to distribute the characteristics of the character

In general, computer role-playing games are a derivative of those paper and pen, such as Dungeons & Dragons. For example, most of them assign various features, such as wounded points, magic points, and levels. Usually, a mission is assigned to a group of heroes. Adventurers are constantly attacked by enemies and monsters inspired by mythology throughout the journey. Typical role-playing games display the character’s name, portrait, level, injury points, and mana points. Basic statistics and the types of weapons, armor, and character equipment are also provided. Also, role video games include detailed textures and character development through many statistics, objects, and skills. Finally, players must choose which of the different possible combinations to proceed with the adventure.

Ultima and Wizardry are two influential role-playing games

Role-playing video games have evolved from the first Rogue-style games on Unix systems, inspired by pen-and-paper role-playing games. The Mud, Multi-User Dungeon, provided many concepts and ideas about gender. One of the first Rogue is DND in 1975, developed on PLATO. Textual role video games evolved from the textual adventures, from the clones of Rogue and Mud. Among the first was Richard Garriott’s Akalabeth World of Doom in 1980, giving rise to the famous Ultima series. The first games of the Ultima and Wizardry series have the most significant influence on role-playing video games now popular. Many Ultima III innovations Exodus, became standard for role-playing games, both for consoles and the personal computer market. The first role video game for the console was the title of the Intellivision AD&D Treasure of Tarmin in 1982. In 1986, Enix published Dragon Quest for NES, entitled Dragon Warrior in North America. This shortly followed adaptations of games for Wizardry and Ultima III computer, and from Final Fantasy in 1987 of Square. Both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy have borrowed elements of Ultima. For example, you can rest and heal the characters to stop in a tavern or inn to make them recover all the forces. Dragon Quest’s fighting style was based on another game for personal computers: Wizardry.

The arrival of multiplayer games

In the nineties, multiplayer video games have appeared more and more. For example, Diablo in 1996 features a system that allows several players to enter the same world and cooperate against enemies, exchange equipment, and, if they wish, challenge each other. In the nineties, multiplayer role-playing video games have appeared more and more. For example, Diablo in 1996 features a system that allows several players to enter the same world and cooperate against enemies, exchange equipment, and, if they wish, challenge each other. The Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, in short MMORPG, are large open worlds with hundreds of participants interacting with each other. Among the pioneers of these games, there have been Ragnarok online, Ultima Online, Lineage 2, Everquest, and World of Warcraft. This last published in 2004, it has become the MMORPG pillar, having managed to make tens of millions of players worldwide. An exciting variant was Pokémon, a series of games whose main innovation was to replace the group of creatures adventurers that could be captured, collected, and trained for combat. His success was phenomenal and gave life to a series of derivative products, including other games, cartoons, and intense merchandising activities. Today, such fans are so numerous that many non-professional programmers are employed to create freeware RPGs, frequently outperforming their commercial counterparts. Recently, games such as Deus Ex and Warcraft III have begun to mix video games with other genres. Many video games present elements traditionally belonging to role-playing video games, such as a system of skills, experience, and problems to solve.

The distinctions between Japanese and Western role-playing games

Because of cultural differences between the companies that create these games, the differences focus on the plot’s graphics and construction, style, magic, etc. At the base, it is pretty similar, with attributes statistics that dominate the style of play, characters, and personalities that dominate the development of the plot. The first category is the Japanese graphic role video games. For example, the Final Fantasy series, The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Dragoon, Phantasy Star, Grandia, Lunar, and Wild Arms. These are often more colorful and brilliant than their western counterparts and include the eastern trend to mix fantasy and spirituality. The characters in these games are like those of anime with extreme personalities. The plot usually involves an epic and decisive battle between good and evil forces, with the characters almost always siding with the good. The races of the characters in this type of game are usually limited to a choice of humans, men and women, beasts, elves, and androids.
D&D-based systems among these games are rare. They use an advancement system from level 1 to 99, with the modification of character parameters in minimal quantities. The soundtrack is treated with particular attention from artists and authors who have become famous even, such as Nobuo Uematsu. The other category of graphic role video games is the western one. For example, Gothic, Baldur’s Gate, Diablo and Neverwinter Nights, The Witcher, Planescape Torment, Fallout 2. These games are set in gloomy worlds, more so than oriental ones. The fantasy breeds are different and generally inspired by the novels written by Tolkien. However, the games can choose not to include classes. These graphic role video games usually base their statistics system on D&D D20. But the use of different methods is not unusual. For example, the Pokémon role video game is not part of the two categories.

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