What is Old Free Game?

Why did Giuliano Ciolino open the Old Free Game internet site? 

Hi, my name is Giuliano Ciolino, and I write from Italy. I spend my time playing video games from the past and watching cartoons. I have opened an old online video game website for those who play everywhere.

What’s on the Old Free Game site?

To give a touch of difference, there are;

  • Many social buttons for sharing the page.
  • An area without advertising.

Will you add news in the future?

Yes, I have plans for the future and will add new things when I get staff;

  • Games will run fast on slow devices.
  • Videos and animated images to download wherever you want.
  • Guides to read to advance in the games.
  • You can use the tricks in the games as you like.
  • Quick comments from the staff.
  • See the matches of the players.
  • A program for maintaining polite behaviour.
  • Add the game to a list to play again at another time.
  • We will have a social network on Old Free Game.
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