You can reach me on the Old Free Game contact page.

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Contact Old Free Game to play your favorite game on the site.

Contact Old Free Game to tell which video game to add and report any errors you encounter. There are games like those of the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 that we cannot have for now because we need 6000 euros per year as maintenance costs. We will mark your preferences and post them as soon as we can. Add the full name, the console, and the download location. You can add videos and pictures; they help to understand. We will put the games online and translate the games into English and other languages.

I will write the post, and I will notify you.

After contacting us, it takes time to create an excellent post about Old Free Game. I need to find the information, play the game, take pictures, write well, and be seen by people on search engines. As you can see, there is much work to be done. If you subscribe to notifications, you will be the first to know as soon as it becomes available.

I will add more staff to the Old Free Game contact page.

I will respond as soon as I can since I am the only member of the site. I will add more staff to contact Old Free Game to give timely replies and tell us what you want. Additionally, the information will help create modified games based on your recommendations.

Contact Old Free Game if you receive suspicious emails from us.

People and companies who will receive contacts from Old Free Game will be able to send a confirmation on this form. It is our job to check the security of our emails to increase the trust of our brand. Many people pretend to be members of credible websites. As a result, they want easy money and damage a brand’s reputation. If it’s not me, don’t reply to their emails, don’t click. Instead, write to us in the contact form on this page. In case of a negative response from us, mark the emails as spam. With enough reports, attackers won’t be able to send emails because they’ll end up in spam. Don’t add everything to spam; otherwise, you won’t read our messages, and you won’t know if I wrote it.

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