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Donate to find new services on Old Free Game.

Our services will increase your presence on Old Free Game.

We need you to donate to add services; without a stable economy, we cannot progress. Additionally, we will hire staff to improve your presence on Old Free Game.


We will add the text translation when people donate.

We’ll translate the Old Free Games website and the games if it’s not available in your language. In addition, we will have staff who speak your native language on the site, on social networks, and in emails.


Programs to improve pages.

I will put useful programs like checking your text to determine if it is friendly and a user page where you can enter your favorite games. Also, We will have programs check spelling to improve the writing of Old Free Game staff. Finally, we will increase the site’s security to provide better data and virus protection.


When you donate, We will hire staff to add services more frequently.

We’ll write the blog pages and add gaming more frequently, thanks to the talented writers we’ll hire. We will also add guides explaining how to continue the games, the tricks, and the secrets. Finally, you’ll download the images as wallpaper for your device and download the games.


When you donate, there will be a permanent chat.

The chats are services that we will add to ensure fast response times, increasing your knowledge on the subject and the loyalty of our brand. You will also chat with the robot, and we’ll learn how to make it more human. It should be an excellent alternative to get frequent answers if we develop it appropriately.


By default, the social network will be private.

A social network will also be available on the website, with a default setting not to display your account to others. So you will be able to post photos and videos, manage your wall, add friends, and write privately with them.


You will see us in search engine results.

You will remember which site you visited if our pages emerge in search engine results. Unfortunately, people’s memories are short, so we’re dedicated to making you love and remember our site. It will take a massive effort to get search engine results, but with your help, the rankings can change. Talking about us to people, giving links on our pages, and clicking on us in search engine results are elements that help us position ourselves better.

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